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love note

our client’s love notes

love note

our client’s love notes

alex & dani

“We hired Joelle for our August 2021 wedding as a day-of-coordinator and I had purchased the Badass Brides Membership previously. I understand that she is shifting gears and no longer offering this service; however, in whatever capacity you hire her I would say it will be the best investment for your wedding day. There is always stress when planning a wedding. Especially during a pandemic! Joelle provided so much peace of mind while also ensuring my husband and I basked in the excitement as we moved closer to our date. Joelle is professional, compassionate, and beyond caring. We truly did not have to lift a finger or experience any stress in the weeks leading up to wedding day. On our day, whatever needed to be problem solved she had it done and fixed ASAP! She was always so gracious and truly made my entire family feel so special. Wish we could get married AGAIN just to hire her once more. You will not regret this purchase!”

– alex & dani
britt & mitch

“Joy by Joelle is the best investment you’ll make for your wedding day. Joelle exceeded every expectation we had and her team was nothing short of stellar. Joelle was personable, down to earth, understood our vision and also super professional. She provided so many idea’s and took all the stress away leading up to our big day. Most importantly she allowed us to enjoy our wedding day and luckily kept us on track. We are so thankful for her and we know our wedding day wouldn’t have been a DREAM COME TRUE without her help. Hiring Joelle will without a doubt be the best decision you make throughout your entire wedding process!”

– britt & mitch
Cat & Mitch

“Joelle is bride valium! She’s also the most perfect mix of your outrageously fun and trucker mouthed cousin from the country and your cosmopolitan bff who gasps in delight at all your over the top ideas…..we had a LOT! Both my husband and I feel so blessed to have shared our wedding journey with Joelle and I can’t say enough what an absolute joy she is to have along for the ride! Seriously, you just want to hang out with her!! She was always there for us and was equally happy working with either of us, which was amazing because our availability was constantly changing. She was super responsive and open to our feedback about what we needed, rarely missed a beat in our uber complicated wedding, and was the perfect go to person for the million vendors and artists we hired, who loved working with her. I was especially appreciative of the fact that she was able to jump right in when we hired her about 5 months out from our wedding and dumped all of our complicated vendor/artist contacts and ENDLESS details (like 1000+ pins) on her. She also dealt very graciously but firmly with a few of our vendors who turned out to be giant pains. In addition to her mad management and organizational skills, she also was an incredible emotional support, she listened to all my family drama and always ensured that I felt supported, comfortable with my choices, and organized (which is saying a lot cause I organize people for a living)! We are proud to count Joelle as a friend and we are eternally grateful for everything she put into making our whimsical woodland wedding a reality.”

– cat & mitch
daraby & tom

“Working with Joelle and her team was a great experience. They go above and beyond in everything they do. Joelle provided reassurance and love during a time of so much uncertainty. We honestly didn’t think we would ever get to have a wedding, let alone something out of a fairytale book! She and her team are so creative and we are so thankful we hired them!”

– darby & tom
hilary & alan

“There really are so many things that we could say about Joelle and yet still not do justice to her amazing work!
By the time we reached out and asked for her help we had come through so many challenges and were left feeling exasperated with the whole wedding planning process. From our very first meeting – which was less than a couple of months out from our wedding date – Joelle brought so much calm and gave us a solid foundation for our wedding-weary feet; as well as reinvigorating the enthusiasm that became jaded in the face of changing venues, shifting Covid rules and flaky vendors. We immediately felt so at ease with her, especially given her amazing sense of humor (colourful language, corny references and movie quotes included) and how she just undoubtedly loves “LOVE”. We gave Joelle a rough idea of our vision and the direction we wanted to go in, and, with her incredible insight and professionalism, she was there every step of the way turning these into reality!! From her help with picking out decorations, to the layout of our tented reception, and to dealing so well with each and every one of our vendors, Joelle was instrumental in giving us an amazing wedding day – she probably even had something to do with the beautiful weather also. It’s incredibly difficult to put into words the feeling we had when we arrived at our reception and found that what Joelle had pulled together was perfectly ‘us’. Aside from all this, however, probably her most important contribution was being the bulwark against accepting things as ‘good enough’; she was always in our corner, rooting us on to never settle for disappointment but to go for the most amazing and beautiful wedding we could possibly have. This speaks to the incredible standard to which she holds her own work, and both we and our guests cannot recommend Joelle more highly. When the day itself finally arrived all we had to do was enjoy one of the most special moments of our lives, and we will be forever grateful to Joelle helping us start our marriage off in a truly wonderful way ♥.”

– hilary & alan
katie & george

“I had been very overwhelmed and stressed about centrepieces and linen choices. Pinterest had been my best friend but also my worst nightmare with figuring out what to do for them. But then came Joelle… She let me tell her all the different ideas I had found and was able to take aspects of my fiancé’s and I’s likes, as well as ideas I had had and create something unique and beautiful. She helped direct me with the colour scheme and reminded me not to overthink the little things. Leaving our little confab, a weight had been lifted. I felt peace and a new excitement about our wedding day! I would 100% recommend Joelle!”

– katie & george
mariah & tristan

“As a bride who signed up for these services before the Covid-19 pandemic was even a thing, I can honestly say it is the second-best decision I made as a bride (the first has to be my hubby, right?!) And I think my guests agreed – “Where did you find her?!?” “She has this thing on lockdown!” “What’s her name again?!” Were just a few of the comments my guests shared from our day. Not to mention the awe of other vendors and wedding industry professionals.
Being a VIP Wedding Day Management client of Joelle’s was nothing short of wonderful! The services I received were EXACTLY as advertised – you meet, share your vision, do the work of the dreaming and scheming, and hand things over for those finishing touches weeks before the big day. And before your eyes (or maybe even behind them, because it sure as heck appears seamless!) its magic!!! I used my extra hours for things like a site visit, some last minute decor add-ins, and a surprise sweetheart table. But, in reality, I know I got SO much more than I bargained for, especially throughout the pandemic process multiple check-ins, empathy, compassion, and an exterior mind’s eye when I couldn’t see it myself. I find it incredibly suiting that Joelle has recently rebranded into “Joy by Joelle” as she is an embodiment of this, both for her clients and as a person. She is professional, prompt when needed, and casual when not, making working with her really like having a rendez-vous with an old friend. Did I mention she is FUN?! I found her accountability and willingness to lean into hard conversations admirable; she follows-up when necessary and keeps truckin’ along when not. She has amazing knowledge of the industry, access to fantastic vendors and resources, and (simply put) Gets. It. Done!!! But most importantly, she listened to me – to what I wanted and what I needed – throughout this weird and wonderful time. I joked a few times that I was “her first joy” but in reality, she was mine! Thank you doesn’t even cover the gratitude I feel towards her. And, while I plan on keeping my husband, I am already starting to think of ways that I can have an anniversary reception in the future because she is JUST. THAT. GOOD.”

– mariah & tristan
sara & andrew

“Joelle is a kick-ass person and a rock star wedding planner! Our “meetings” were more like visits with a friend. She was organized, detail oriented and made everything so much easier for us. We had an idea of what we wanted when we met with Joelle, and she took our ideas and ran with them. We were absolutely blown away by the design she came up with for our reception! She put in so much work and covered every detail to make sure that our wedding day ran smoothly and that it was everything we had envisioned and so much more! We would have given her 10 Stars if we could have.”

– sara & andrew
theresa haesloop

“I don’t write reviews. But…as a Mother of the bride I would like to give you my perspective. Joelle planned my daughters wedding. This was a first for me, 2 sons married with no planner, but our daughter wanted Joelle. At first I thought, we have had 2 prior weddings, and survived without a planner. I very quickly realized the difference between survival and serenity. She is not only a visionary, but she is brilliant and extremely hardworking. I was not running 100 errands the week of the wedding, and on the day asked 100 questions form vendors, not pulled from my guests to tend to tend to forgotten details.
When she said to me “Mom I have your back” she did. She is a fairy Godmother! JOY BY JOELLE IS ESSENTIAL for any wedding. Her creativity and attention to detail was spot on. Hiring Joelle was the BEST wedding investment we have ever made. We were in awe of how amazing this young woman is. Words simply cannot convey the gratitude and appreciation we have for Joelle. Do yourself a favour and book her!!!”

– theresa haesloop